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More mouth offs

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leon-the-pig-farmer-gig-talking-my-way-out-of-trouble-beat-poetry-tickets-156074708655 It’s men’s mental health week soon.. and I’m doing this gig above as part of it.. I’ve also got other stuff planned too.. A chat with rebels and rule breakers Emma’s Shaw… I like her page and mission and she’s a great supporter of my journey. Mutual respect… https://fb.me/e/U4FYmdIn And also.. what will beContinue reading “More mouth offs”

Mark my words

So after the successful two night book launch, the collaborative forces took hold.. people talked, shared contacts and expressed an interested in more of the same stuff… It’s good for collaboration not competition!!! So the first thing to happen again evolving me is a day of word and music at seel park function bar, MossleyContinue reading “Mark my words”

Down time

Hey… We all need it.. I have a to do list as long as my arm but new ideas keep popping in my head and won’t go away.. so I start planning.. I’m doing an email tennis day and literally emptying my head!!.. I’ll crack on tomorrow!!…but I am also learning poem 36 in myContinue reading “Down time”

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