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Akimashite omedetou

Happy new year… And yes in japanese too… Last year was about getting back on track and spreading Leon’s words.. not to mention the first book release. I am buzzing n how things went since we came out of lockdown. It also unexpectedly brought about the first gig for The dirt, a music project withContinue reading “Akimashite omedetou”

Golden belief

We believe, that’s why we took the Dirt project to the next level.. music release in the hard copy form.. firstly thanks to golden believers records for approaching us about a limited edition CD release.. so psycher-billy is now live.. and selling great.. so thanks to the buyers too.. The live side kicks back intoContinue reading “Golden belief”

Happy daze

This week’s blog starts with a massive thanks to Jordan at Happy Daze … He took the punt of putting on our project The Dirt… We supported Italian fuzz club legends New Candy’s at Yes.. along with corvus and the morning star, and bedroom vacation. What a night, sachiko and I loved it. Great toContinue reading “Happy daze”

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