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The wheel isn’t twisted

The journey continues…. The wheel isn’t broken… No limping.. just cruising along a highway of creativity.. meeting lovely folk on the way… The last few days have been ace.. firstly I’ve spent alot of it in the basement.. with my wife!!.. in 2019 we joined forces and created some music as The Dirt.. put twoContinue reading “The wheel isn’t twisted”

Network gain

Less gigs more networks.. some great chat going on about gigs, talks, and connection this week.. hopefully some will come to fruition soon.. Long story short was great last week and met some great folk from “turning point”. Enjoyed the addiction and mental health themed event.. Simone has got a great event going on. AndContinue reading “Network gain”

Spin cycle

A week of plate spinning again.. two gigs in North Wales mid week. Then back to Manchester for a packed weekend.. Rhyl on Tuesday for Lexifest then onto Wrexham for a gig at yellow and blue.. it’s great work they are doing there and a cracking set up. Manchester Friday was nuts.. opening set forContinue reading “Spin cycle”

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