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Quiet time

After a mental few weeks it’s been steady away in the pig pen the past few days.. London gig… High profile supports.. and north west ventures have meant it’s good to kick back….. Ish I have been busy though.. prepping for The Dirt projects ventures.. EP release and first live gig… And typing up verseContinue reading “Quiet time”

Come down

What a mental extra long weekend. JAMC gig on Wednesday as a punter followed by 4 top gigs with Leon… Two with Gaz Whelan (happy Mondays) either side of a belting EMF support slot at the iconic Golden lion in Todmorden.. then topped off last night with an opening slot of Matt McManamon doing hisContinue reading “Come down”

Weekender !!!

Totally flowered up after a weekend at Shiine on festival. Delving back into the nineties.. lively to meet the annual festival folk.. and nice for strangers to come up and ask if Leon is doing any performance… That’s nice but alas I wasn’t.. make next year if they will have me!!.. MC.. compere extraordinare…. introContinue reading “Weekender !!!”

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