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Stop the press

Just an extra blog.. but it contains others words not mine.. so chuffed to receive a testimony like this from Bury involvement group (BIG) mental health support in Bury.. TestimonialJack provided a zoom session on 20th July for our mental health charity, Bury Involvement Group (BIG) in Mental Health. The session, entitled: ” Talking myself outContinue reading “Stop the press”

Half way house

Three down and three to go.. what a mad busy week for gig performance.. but it’s fun so far.. Sunday – did a gig at the Spinning top in Stockport for Indigo Bravo.. some crackin stuff on. Diablo furs reminded me of why I got into music in the late 70s. Stockports Crude Virtue wereContinue reading “Half way house”

Back in the game

Quiet week.. I meant to post last week about acoustic pines.. but got off grid in a camper trip.. anyway.. not mentioned the great gig I got involved in last week with Cold water swimmers… And friends.. I got to join some other great musicians in doing some interspersed verse… met some new friends, AroundContinue reading “Back in the game”

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