Jack Horner, aka Leon the pig farmer, is a Manchester-based Yorkshire beat poet…

An ex-serviceman who began writing verse to help him deal with a PTSD diagnosis. Leon has an assertive take on spoken word with fast firing rhythmic verse and a sharp outlook on both his mental health recovery and other social topics and observations that catch his eye.

An energetic delivery that has been compared to both a belt fed mortar explosion and a staccato assault full of energy and emotion which can silence and mesmerize an audience.

Noteable performances include:

Support to Tim Burgess (charlatans) and average sex at The Castle Manchester.

Support to Tom Hingley (inspral carpets), Night people and retro bar Manchester

Guest poet for James Atkin (EMF) on shine festival collaboration

Festival appearances at Blackthorn, After all, and now booked for Macclesfield festival supporting Peter Hook (joy division/new order)

There have been many charity performances to raise awareness of homelessness and mental health issues some include Musicians against homelessness, lifeshare, Off the streets and Emmaus.

He has submitted work published in various literary channels that include – A Buzzin bards anthology, Worktown, Poetry health service, From the shadows, and class work project (lumpen),

Leon continues to document his mental health journey in verse and regularly posts DIY performances on his social media sites. A recent nod by Post punks Cabbage band gave the opening track to their second LP a reference to Leon.

His performance deliveries vary between rehearsed off book energetic verse and readings which he regularly swaps around to keep his performances fresh and unpredictable.


A wry and acutely observed eye, his poetry feels personal and relatable- no longer does a poet between bands elicit a groan.
Even the stars

A staccato burst of bareley controlled anger that grips you by the throat, Tales so perfectly crafted, they slide into your head. You ponder where you have heard anything as succinct before.
Reyt good magazine

This guy has his own slant on the art, no prompts straight out with it. A true talent with a mind full of gems, compelling.
Louder than war

The crowd is doused with poetic vitriol, with penetrating parables. Each performance cuts as deep as the last. He projects resoundingly raw verse, which truly revives the undiluted expression of the beat generation.

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