Talking myself out of trouble…

‘To inspire others through the spoken and written verse and mysuccessful story. And to open doorways into positive discussions around mental health recovery using creative paths’.

This is my story….

I am Simon ‘Jack’ Horner aka Leon the pig farmer, a Manchester based Yorkshire beat poet who it has been said – “has a little more than a lot to say”.

An ex-Army serviceman of ten years between 1988-98, who experienced contact and trauma situations in his 5 years spent in Northern Ireland and as a close protection officer working for the Foreign and Commonwealth office in Africa. I began writing verse to help deal with a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis in 2019.

After finding myself in a dark place and experiencing a breakdown that year. As well as Cognitive behaviour therapy and a course of medication, I wrote my memories and thoughts and turned them to creative verse, this has definitely helped my healing process.

I first attended several local open mic events and was persuaded to take my book and verse to the stage and step out of the bedroom poet persona to showcase some of my material.

The first impromptu live performances at Blackthorn festival near Stockport in 2019 brought great reviews and spurred me on to continue. As a consequence, Leon the pig farmer was born.

I have been described as having an assertive take on spoken word with fast firing rhythmic verse and a sharp outlook on both my mental health recovery and other social topics and observations that catch my eye.

My unconventional delivery has been compared to both a belt fed mortar explosion and a staccato assault full of energy and emotion which can silence and mesmerize an audience.

Having seamlessly knitted into the fabric of both live music gig performances and poetry events receiving some great reviews from independent music/art magazines.

I have also been successful with written material in numerous poetry publications that include Lumpen classwork project, poetry health service, Wombwell rainbow and Work town and Buzzing Bards.

I have begun to dip my toe into amateur journalism with music reviews for online magazines and producing inspirational stories on various elements of my recovery journey and experiences, these have been distributed for mental health and military veteran groups.

I still continue to document my mental health journey in verse with live performances and I am currently in the process of self publishing a book with accompanied art interpretations of my verse surrounding mental health recovery which is due for release in the spring of this year (2021).

What I can do:

Since beginning this new path of telling my story which I have called ‘talking myself out of trouble’. I have been involved in online interviews and podcasts around my journey from soldier to a creative performer. I have created short stories for charities regarding their on-line blogs and social media posts. I have also conducted sessions to groups on my personal story and effects that PTSD did and still does have on me. I will openly discus the symptoms I experienced, my failed toxic coping mechanisms, my realisation of needing help and the subsequent journey through recovery.

If I can help at all please get in touch…

E: leon@thepigfarmer.art

W: www.thepigfarmer.art

Facebook: Leon the pig farmer

LinkedIn: jack Horner

Jack – (aka Leon the pig Farmer)

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