The wheel isn’t twisted

The journey continues…. The wheel isn’t broken… No limping.. just cruising along a highway of creativity.. meeting lovely folk on the way…

The last few days have been ace.. firstly I’ve spent alot of it in the basement.. with my wife!!.. in 2019 we joined forces and created some music as The Dirt.. put two EPs on Bandcamp and envisaged taking it live.. covid scuppered plans..

As sachiko now lives here and restrictions are lifted we thought lets kick the ball.. get it rolling.. also nudged by golden believers reco26 rds who invited us to put a hard copy EP out there.. so the result is we want to show off the material in its life form.. so stand by.. links to bandcamp are on the links page of website.

The gig business continues.. supporting Johnny brown at the snug Atherton was brilliant.. a great night… Top fella and on form!!.. so thanks to all involved there!! I also returned to mash guru last night for artistic echoes from the mic stand last night. Great fun..

Next up is end of month where a busy week is planned..

24- lock 91 for punk in Drublic

25 – deco records at Grafton

26- brew chimp Stretford

I’ve got a few charity things bubbling around these and as they happen I’ll celebrate the connection made!!.. so here’s a few pics of shenanigans done and coming…

Network gain

Less gigs more networks.. some great chat going on about gigs, talks, and connection this week.. hopefully some will come to fruition soon..

Long story short was great last week and met some great folk from “turning point”. Enjoyed the addiction and mental health themed event.. Simone has got a great event going on. And feel good club is an ace venue..

On Sunday I got to perform with some great bands.. nervous twitch.. Bull.. Helicon to name a few.. Berlin arts lab put in a great event in factory music rooms Barnsley..

Lots of emails, phone calls and messages this week.. along with getting a set together with the wife so “The Dirt” can transfer from a bandcamp project to a live set… Exciting stuff… Keep an eye out for a CD release too… Haha

This Saturday will see a trip to the amazing Snug in Atherton to support the brilliant Jonny Brown (twisted Wheel)… in a sold out gig.. and I’m quiz master at rose and monkey sun 12th.. expect interspersed verse!!

In other news.. there’s more events published which are on all social platforms.. And the book is still for sale..

So here’s a gallery of stuff!! And some up and coming out of town treats!!

Spin cycle

A week of plate spinning again.. two gigs in North Wales mid week. Then back to Manchester for a packed weekend..

Rhyl on Tuesday for Lexifest then onto Wrexham for a gig at yellow and blue.. it’s great work they are doing there and a cracking set up.

Manchester Friday was nuts.. opening set for after all at Gulliver’s then a sprint across Oldham street to get intro set for pals The ventrelles who asked last minute.. then on way home I bobbed into peerhat and did an open mic jam with pal Jade on guitar.. proper anglo-french mash up!!

Miners festival was cancelled Saturday so Sunday took me to Stockport for Indigo bravo gig at the spinning top. I’m almost a local and Monday was a set at wax and beans in Bury for Glaston-bury. The town was packed and met some ace folk!!

This week is steady.. I need to learn new verse!!!

I’m performing at “long story short” in Manchester on Thursday and then Barnsley on Sunday for a psych all dayer at Factory.

I will then take a week off until the Jonny Brown (twisted wheel) gig at the snug on sat 11th…

Nice to be busy, appreciated and wanted.. please keep the gig requests coming.. anyway, here’s some gig pics!!

Don’t forget I am still selling copies of my book. Talking myself out of trouble.

Hammer time

A day to stop….. Weekend was busy.. gig with San Pedro collective in Stockport on Friday and “Sayin” event in Trafford yesterday… Talk about talent.. it’s an event for the A game.. can’t fall short.. the folk nattering are immense… Met some new creatives yesterday and some old faces too… Still buzzin it’s a great vibe..

Today I stopped… And gave Emmaus some cash.. proceeds from the sale of “talking myself out of trouble”… photo and info to follow.. but it’s great to give back ..

This week is nuts… 6 gigs in 7 days… Midweek I’m in Wales… for Two Charity events.. lexifest in Rhyl and at yellow and blue wrexham..

The bank holiday is packed..

Fri – after all gig at Gulliver’s MCR… Sat – miners fest in Moston… Sun- indigo bravo in Stockport.. and Mon – glaston -Bury…

Then I’m cooling off… A bit… But there is a few shenanigans in the pipeline.. Haha…

Anyway here’s the weekend in pics.. Helen millington doing her magic again..

Back on it

After a couple of down days I’m back on the mic tomorrow..

San Pedro collective gig in Stockport… And Sayin to n Trafford on Sunday…

Last weekend was ace.. sharing the stage with some great musicians (proletariat, the battery farm, and Def robot). And performance at Northern green gathering near Lincoln.

Organised by some great folk and with some crackin and informative talks. The Sunday was the boundary breaker.. after Saturdays planned set I got to jam with a band and didgeridoo sound.. awesome.. videos of it are knocking about on my socials…

Tomorrow is also the date I have a track released on most large platforms with Salford musician Sean Buckley.. it’s called Tripper.. so take a look… somewhere!!!..

Next week I’m off to wales.. stuff going down there before a fully booked four days over the bank holiday!!!

Any way.. I still sell books of mine at gigs.. and in-between while at home… Writing… Getting tattoos.. and running…

Here’s some pic shenanigans x sachiko trust a fox and helsmanc

Heads gone

But I’ve got it back… Haha..

After last week’s comedown from the Ritz gig with cabbage et al for John halls benefit gig it was time to get busy again..

Learn new stuff.. write new stuff.. talk CD products with an independent label… Talk charity stuff.. and then get in the gig train again… but I am loving it.. and still flogging the odd book.. instill have spares!!!..

So first up was Long story short at 7 brothers in MCR MQ area. A 10 min slot of story telling.. I knitted 5 verse pieces together.. must have gone ok.. I’ve been invited back for the mental/addiction gig Simone is organising in September!!.. news on that soon.. via Instagram.. Leontpf71.

Saturday was busy… I was invited to The yard – box studios in Cheetham hill.. interview with the great Nathan Parker.. aka parker book.. then it was recording of two verse for the show .. in a cargo container… something new! Look out for the show released in September.. Ep 3 or 4…

That night back local for a gig with Stepford wives at greenfields railway inn . Sweaty… Bouncing and punkd up…

Sunday was “mark my words” an event for Time2talk mental health hub… At Mossley AFC collaboration again with wetlemonproductions.. I gathered poets.. worders.. musicians.. singers and a band to raise cash which we did.. thanks to those who turned up to graft… Perform or watch!!..

Today starts a new week.. new offers.. new plans and ideas… And I must 13- get that new poem gig ready..

Anyway Helen millington has been busy clipping pics of me .. again.. so expect a bit of posting on socials..

This week is busy from Thursday.. here’s what’s going down…

12 – eagle inn, MCR – proletariat gig

13- salty dog, Northwich – louder than war gig

14/15 – northern green gathering fest – linciln campaign stage..

17- mash in Macc – book launch gig.

Come join in…

Dust settles

I cannot begin to describe how significant the recent Sunday gig was for me… Just over two years ago I began performing my recent written words.. only 4 months after a meltdown and waking up drunk in a police cell.. on Sunday 1st August I got to perform some verse at The Ritz in Manchester.. and join friends and local band Cabbage on stage..

This is the story of creativity I want to spread… Performance of “Toy soldiers” to 1000 folk at a benefit gig for John Hall was to say the least overwhelming.. the response and messages received have been brilliant.. so thank you. X

Healthy minds… PTSD diagnosis.. anxiety understanding.. CBT and (still) a course of citalopram. These with the writing changed my world.

I am still buzzin 3 days later.. it has made me realise how much I love writing, performing, and spreading positivity..

There are many gigs planned and natterings of collaborations .. let’s see what the next chapter brings..

Until then .. this surf is too good to ignore..

Next up.. mark my words at Mossley AFC this Sunday with a stack of talented people.. creative all dayer for charity. Skiddle or me for tickets

Here’s some pics of what I love doing!! All credits are on my Facebook page.. helsmanc.. trustafox.. neilwinward… Georgina Robinson…

Thick and fast!!

That’s the gig bookings..

August is going to be busy… And although I was taking September off to visit family in Japan it’s looking very doubtful… I’ve resigned to staying in UK

So.. I’m taking bookings!… A few are in the diary.. but I’ll happily take more.. we are up to 37 verse off book and aim to make 40 by end of August.. let’s see how that pans out.. haha

In other news.. I have a new ethical and organic cotton T shirt on offer.. same design.. better feeling..

The book is still for sale.. anyone without .. please drop me a message on here or socials.. I have spares… Cheaper than on line too…

Next week see three gigs in the pipeline…

5th – long story short at 7 brothers MCR.

7th Railway inn Greenfield – supporting Stepford wives

8th – mark my words all dayer at Mossley AFC for Time2talk mental health hub..

Last week was buzzin.. 3 ace gigs.. RGM at Tramlines Fringe.. SM productions at MCR peerhat and San Pedro garden party..

More to come.. standby.. and thanks to all who show faith in me and let me shake my tail feather..

Anyway here’s pics by the brill hels manc / helenmillington

Stop the press

Just an extra blog.. but it contains others words not mine.. so chuffed to receive a testimony like this from Bury involvement group (BIG) mental health support in Bury..

TestimonialJack provided a zoom session on 20th July for our mental health charity, Bury Involvement Group (BIG) in Mental Health. The session, entitled: ” Talking myself out of trouble”, was such an inspirational account of Jack’s personal story, followed by Jack reciting some of his extremely powerful poetry. The whole session was absolutely riveting; Jack captured the attention of every person who attended, leaving us all wanting more! 

We are very grateful to Jack for the session, he demonstrated his incredible talent and moreover, he showed how painful, traumatic experiences can be used to good effect to help others by giving a strong message of hope through sharing his story. Jack showed how the written and spoken word can be cathartic for our mental health, enabling healing in the continuous journey of recovery throughout life. He showed how it is possible to turn your life around through making changes and how resilience can be strengthened. 
We applaud you Jack, you exude positivity and are a true inspiration. We can’t wait to see you again!
Here are just a few words which come to mind about Jack, his story and poetry:Open
Powerful Inspirational Real Honest Talented Creative Articulate Motivational Enthusiastic Resilient Humbling Sincere Genuine.

           catch up soon.. I’m of to sheff!!..                      

Half way house

Three down and three to go.. what a mad busy week for gig performance.. but it’s fun so far..

Sunday – did a gig at the Spinning top in Stockport for Indigo Bravo.. some crackin stuff on. Diablo furs reminded me of why I got into music in the late 70s. Stockports Crude Virtue were crackin too as was John crabb.. loved it..

Monday- where do I start .. asked by The Goa Express to join them and warm the audience up at Yes MCR was an honour.. great guys and some talent and energy rolled into one.. Separator who supported are a new love of mine.. great sound and local lads. Review –

Tuesday- a more laid back affair a meet with BIG mental health group with service users chatting about Talking myself out of trouble and journey from soldier to spoken word.

So after the oranges and magic sponge I’m back on it tomorrow….

Fri – Tramlines Fringe for RGM

Sat – SM productions at peerhat MCR all dayer…

Sun – San Pedro garden party streamed gig..

All event linked ate on social media… In other news I have teamed up with a T shirt printer who provides ethical and organic cotton T shirts so anyone fancy new togs drop me a line..

Still selling copies of my book.. Talking myself out of trouble… Enquire within… And the next gig for word by me is the Mossley football club gig on Sunday 8th August.. ask me for tiks or go to skiddle

Catch up soon.