More mouth offs

It’s men’s mental health week soon.. and I’m doing this gig above as part of it.. I’ve also got other stuff planned too..

A chat with rebels and rule breakers Emma’s Shaw… I like her page and mission and she’s a great supporter of my journey. Mutual respect…

And also.. what will be a constant topic of the next two months is the spoken word / stripped back music all dayer I’m part of organising.. 10 performance poets and 5 live acts.. all for Time2talk hub.

Mark my words takes place on sun 8 the August at Mossley AFC. Tickets via skiddle.. but a facility to get physical tickets will come soon.. drop me a message if this avenue suites!!..

And lastly… Come find me for gigs.. I live a good natter.. here’s a couple of other things I’ve been busy with.. and a pic of the beer garden for August gig!!

Mark my words

So after the successful two night book launch, the collaborative forces took hold.. people talked, shared contacts and expressed an interested in more of the same stuff… It’s good for collaboration not competition!!!

So the first thing to happen again evolving me is a day of word and music at seel park function bar, Mossley AFC. The club are right behind mental health. With that in mind they have offered a space to promote a charity event in aid of great pals at Time2talk. With the help again of wetlemon productions.

So ‘mark my words’ has formed. A tale of two halves… Pardon the footy puns. 10 spoken worders and 5 stripped back musicians all conspiring to raise awareness and cash… All to be announced soon

Please check it out. Here are a couple of links… Facebook event and ticket sales… I’ve dropped the poster in too.

Down time

Hey… We all need it.. I have a to do list as long as my arm but new ideas keep popping in my head and won’t go away.. so I start planning..

I’m doing an email tennis day and literally emptying my head!!.. I’ll crack on tomorrow!!…but I am also learning poem 36 in my head .. it’s about gossip on the bus to Oldham…

New stuff is on the pipeline.. something murmuring around collaborations.. look out for a gig announcement and ticket link!.. Sunday 8tj August.. pencil in the diary and wait for skiddle link to drop!!

After the book launch weekend and week of calming down. I did an online stream gig for Glossop book festival last night.. talking about my book and some performance. Here’s the link…

This week I’m talking to “dreaming is free”on insta at 8pm Wednesday. Followed by a rebels and rule breakers zoom on Monday 14th. Which I think will be on Facebook.

If you missed my listen up DJ podcast interview talking 3 beltin tracks.. heres the link…

So.. the books still for sale from me or come say hello if you want a copy and please spread this and book info far and wide.. nice one.. ta!!

Land with a thud

Finally back on Terra Firma after a mad weekend. Two day book launch.. plotting and planning musicians and Poets and revving myself up for two screenings of the installation and book set.. last bed it!!..

The weekend has done what it’s intentions were.. get folk talking, raise awareness of the book, and get folk collaborating.. which seems to be happening.

The artists all pulled it out the bag which made by task alot easier… All details are on social media.. but Karl Hildebrandt Esther Koch and Ben Corry on Saturday all raised the roof as did Jaime and Tom Murphy, ushiku crisafulli, Tonka bell and Loll on Sunday..

Thanks to wet lemon productions at old bank studios Mossley for providing the space and production gear.. more to come there.. put the gaf on the map!!!

I’m having a quiet week, regrouping, talking about future ideas and responding to some great gig opportunities…

So this weekend no have literally “talked myself out of trouble”

Catch up with gig and charity news soon.. here’s some belting photos ta to all who took some Helen millington, Al bishop, Georgina Robinson, luke Stanley, David festherstone,

What’s the story….

It’s here…. Book launch weekend. There are 200 books currently in circulation bought, ordered and in stores. I cannot explain how proud and buzzin I am. So thank you to everyone that has a copy in their previous Mitt’s.

So.. at the business end. Emmaus Mossley are now stocking books. So is Vinyl resting place in Affleck palace (3rd floor). Manchester, a Great record shop!!..

Tonight (Saturday)is the first night of two full on live gigs around the book. Where I will have mates joining me to celebrate its launch and even it’s existence!!!. There are some great musicians and poets sharing their material. So if you can’t come please check the streams out or catch up with it later. Last few seats available as it’s free entry private event at Old Bank studios with wet lemon productions. 6-10pm live stream starts 7pm. Seats booking is here’s your links –

Gig confirmations have dropped in with promo art work so keep an eye out for two cracking announcements.. charity work continues as does other Talking myself out of trouble workshop ideas.

Lastly books are available through me or

Time to get busy…

Top photos courtesy of Luke Stanley.

Countdown commences

3 days to the first book launch gigs. And they are in my adopted home town – Mossley. And for those unable to join us at the intimate gathering we will be streaming the shenanigans!!!!

I’ve got to together a few creative pals to join me in celebrating the books arrival. Which is already in the safe hands of about 200 folk.. please let’s keep this figure rising. For many reasons. Raising awareness of mental health and giving some cash to charity (Emmaus), if not to boost my verse!!!.. haha

So… On Saturday I have with me the ace line up of Ben Corry on guitar, and chatting Karl Hildebrandt and Esther Koch.

On Sunday I have the brilliant line up of Tom Murphy and guest on guitar and Ushuki crisafulli and Sharon twozedz nattering with me

Both events are 6-10 pm at old bank studios near the train station (above the Gillery) and will be streamed live. Links and info here –

Seats can be booked by contacting

So please join me glass in HAND… Fill the SPACE… And show your FACE in these halfway reduced covid guidelines…

More info to drop soon on gigs, charity stuff and collaborations.

Meanwhile the book is available via me on any message social media or via

Catch up soon

Juggle and drop

So first up… The venue for the book launch next weekend has changed… Same acts… Same aim and similar concept just at the venue above the original one.. I even have gig posters now… So thanks to for coming to my rescue and offering an alternative space and vibe. They also are part of “now or never records” and “old bank studios”. A great new art hub.. literally the floor above the Gillery in Mossley.

I’ve been busy booking other gigs, a couple of on line this new for Glossop book fest –

One for a suicide prevention charity which will take place during men’s mental Health week on 17 June. Details to follow but check out the great work going on at

I have just ordered a new batch of “Talkingyself out of trouble” books as the first 200 have flown out!!.. so drop your orders in if you would like one !!!!.. they can also be purchased at

I conducted a two day creative workshop in Ashton under Lyne this week at Phantasmagoria around poetry and writing.. a great creative space and travel emporium.. excellent for both young and old.. go check out what the crew are doing down there!!..

So.. it’s Sunday… Hope everyone that reads had a good weekend.. please share my blogs and let’s reach further corners than we would.. here’s the gig posters..

Book launch

The 200 club

So, book sales are flying!! We are almost at the 200 point. Thank you so much to everyone that has bought a copy and others showing an interest! The positive vibes and feedback is immense, I am astounded. The book is now live at …

I’ll be ordering a new batch soon once the text copy for internet sales lands. So glad that “Talking myself out of trouble” is reaching out to so many folk. And may this continue once the weird worldy web gets hold of it. And book launches are still to come! Buzzin.

In other news I’ve got some fresh gigs waiting to announce and a couple of crackin zoom events to confirm… So it’s all hands on deck in the pig pen.

I’ve just received a copy of my mask anthology by live from worktown which has a piece by myself in.. worth a look at

So.. I’m back from a week away.. going to get busy.. I have notes galore for new material and I’m getting a new camper.. looking forward to positive steps out of lockdown!!..

Anyone still need a book or a mouthy compere with verse shout me up.. and last shout out is to the Keighley bearded theory crowd who it was good to catch up with in a Yorkshire dales field at the weekend!!

Latest pig pen activity

The camera never lies

Buzzin week in the pig pen… Lots going on.. plenty of book sales which is ace. It’s great that the message is spreading… And the book goes on line soon..

Official launch of talking myself out of trouble is coming along nicely at the gillery on bank holiday 29/30th may.

Just had a brilliant zoom Olly’s future around collaboration for their suicide prevention. Great work going on. Keep an eye out for stuff there.

Rebels and rule breakers Facebook interaction is going well.. I’ll have a stream chat going out with them on Monday 14th June.. it’s timed well as it’s the start of men’s mental health week.

Did a great mini performance at “long story short” a new story telling / spoken word event coming to Manchester… Keep a look out.. was a great vibe.. here’s the insta link.

I’ve also been filming with wet lemon productions. Photos and interview pre book live launch.. located in Mossley they have studios. Filming, photography, audio and much more.. creating a great local vibe.. I’ve attached an image!.. more to follow.

So this is me… still … Talking myself out of trouble.. have a great weekend!!.

And breath

What a mad ten days it’s been since the books landed.. we have shifted In excess of 150 and that is through word of mouth, some social media pestering and a bit of forthright asking!!.. so thanks again to everyone who has jumped on the journey.

In other news the soft launch event is picking up nicely. All performance folk who will be joining me will be on the event by end of today. Most have been announced. And of coming book a table please and it is free!!…Here’s the event link.

Also on events here’s the website and info to the bigger event in July when more pals of multi genres will be pitching up in Mossley to share their wares!!… 9-11 July.. keep it free!!

I’m just back from town after doing an interview at media city with a couple of media students who are creating some work around links between mental health recovery and creativity. So hopefully I’ll get a copy of that soon. A bit of chat around book and my journey and a few pieces performed at the end.

There’s a new story telling event coming to Manchester soon too. Long story short… I’ve been invited to a zoom session this Thursday and when covid restrictions allow they are taking it to a venue. So there’s something else to look out for. Here’s the connection.

Still busy talking to charity groups and spreading my story along with creative paths. But the book has absorbed time over last two weeks.. the calender is bulging in places but that’s a good sign I guess.. rebel chats, poetry podcasts, 2 day work shop at phantasmagoria.. yes that is a place!!!!. Local paper interviews and then book launch.. what a month!!!

So.. in a nut shell.. my worker bee is busy. But there is no sting these days.. if you haven’t got a book but would like one, please hit me up…

At Sayin last week!