Stop the press

Just an extra blog.. but it contains others words not mine.. so chuffed to receive a testimony like this from Bury involvement group (BIG) mental health support in Bury..

TestimonialJack provided a zoom session on 20th July for our mental health charity, Bury Involvement Group (BIG) in Mental Health. The session, entitled: ” Talking myself out of trouble”, was such an inspirational account of Jack’s personal story, followed by Jack reciting some of his extremely powerful poetry. The whole session was absolutely riveting; Jack captured the attention of every person who attended, leaving us all wanting more! 

We are very grateful to Jack for the session, he demonstrated his incredible talent and moreover, he showed how painful, traumatic experiences can be used to good effect to help others by giving a strong message of hope through sharing his story. Jack showed how the written and spoken word can be cathartic for our mental health, enabling healing in the continuous journey of recovery throughout life. He showed how it is possible to turn your life around through making changes and how resilience can be strengthened. 
We applaud you Jack, you exude positivity and are a true inspiration. We can’t wait to see you again!
Here are just a few words which come to mind about Jack, his story and poetry:Open
Powerful Inspirational Real Honest Talented Creative Articulate Motivational Enthusiastic Resilient Humbling Sincere Genuine.

           catch up soon.. I’m of to sheff!!..                      

Half way house

Three down and three to go.. what a mad busy week for gig performance.. but it’s fun so far..

Sunday – did a gig at the Spinning top in Stockport for Indigo Bravo.. some crackin stuff on. Diablo furs reminded me of why I got into music in the late 70s. Stockports Crude Virtue were crackin too as was John crabb.. loved it..

Monday- where do I start .. asked by The Goa Express to join them and warm the audience up at Yes MCR was an honour.. great guys and some talent and energy rolled into one.. Separator who supported are a new love of mine.. great sound and local lads. Review –

Tuesday- a more laid back affair a meet with BIG mental health group with service users chatting about Talking myself out of trouble and journey from soldier to spoken word.

So after the oranges and magic sponge I’m back on it tomorrow….

Fri – Tramlines Fringe for RGM

Sat – SM productions at peerhat MCR all dayer…

Sun – San Pedro garden party streamed gig..

All event linked ate on social media… In other news I have teamed up with a T shirt printer who provides ethical and organic cotton T shirts so anyone fancy new togs drop me a line..

Still selling copies of my book.. Talking myself out of trouble… Enquire within… And the next gig for word by me is the Mossley football club gig on Sunday 8th August.. ask me for tiks or go to skiddle

Catch up soon.

Back in the game

Quiet week.. I meant to post last week about acoustic pines.. but got off grid in a camper trip.. anyway.. not mentioned the great gig I got involved in last week with Cold water swimmers… And friends.. I got to join some other great musicians in doing some interspersed verse… met some new friends, Around a campfire in some woods.. acoustic pines.. A great idea by Chris Bridget… I’ve attached a review by louder than war… next time folk get a three word code get involved . Secret guerilla gigs.. way ahead!!!

Acoustic Pines: Cold Water Swimmers and guests – live review

So. Back in the world of words… A busy week ahead.. 5 gigs in 8 days.. come and say hello somewhere!!

Today – Stockport spinning top – to indigo bravos punk day

Mon 19 – Goa express at Yes MCR

Fri 23 – frog and parrot Sheffield. Tramlines fringe.

Sat 24 – peerhat MCR suarve martyrs gig.

Sun 25 – San Pedro garden party stream..

Here’s a few posters and pics..

Three … The magic number

So.. in the same week as a great gig at Tribeca, Manchester last Thursday for “after all”. I got to announce 3 ace gigs to be involved in. And all of them outside the M60 ring road!!!.. time to spread the word!!..

First up is tramlines fringe in Sheffield with RGM on 23 July.. free entry!!.. friends Pagans SOH and The battery farm are amongst the line up for this mega day out!!

Then it’s a louder than war gig on Fri 13 Aug in Northwich at the excellent salty dog for a 5er… Yet again the battery farm and Def robot are sharing their wares!!.

The third announced gig is sat 20 Nov in Todmorden at the splendid golden lion. Now sold out but I’ve been invited to join those ace brave ravers of EMF…. Mental!!!..

On other fronts. In the last few weeks, I’ve got married had celebrations with family and friends.. I’m writing and rehearsing as much as ever.. so I’m still following my flipped upside down lifes journey to the max.. and now watching live music..

More charity work and gig news to come.. and I’m still selling my book if anyone one or their mates are interested! but in the meantime, here’s some gig posters!! And one from Tribeca.. live music and performance is back..

Gigs and skittles

Firstly I’m blown over by the response to photos and posts of sachiko and my recent marriage.. thank you

Now we are back from camper vanning it’s time to get busy.. gigs are happening, some delayed some new… But it’s time to shout out loud…

Firstly I’m m at Tribeca this Thursday doing a couple of stints for after all with a crackin line up.

Here’s a link to tickets.. oh and me nattering.

More stuff towards the end of the month.. punk gig in stalybridge – 18th and the reschedule Goa express gig 19th .. also peerhat with suave martyrs and others on 24th buzzin..

Oh and not forgetting the 8th August gig in Mossley.. working again with wetlemonproductions we are heading to Mossley AFC to put on an acoustic and spoken word all dayer for Time2talk mental.heakth hub… 10 worders and 5 stripped back sets for a 10er.. all cash to charity and performers..

Tickets are via skiddle but if analogue folk want to chat with me we can sort out an alternative!!

Shaping up..

I’m planning an all day word and stripped back music day out.. incase it’s not on your radar yet.. 10 spoken worders, 5 stripped back music sets.. well 6 now as we plan to put stuff on in the beer garden.. it’s bordering on being a festival..

The book launch appears to have created a beast in me.. bringing together great worders and musicians to the same stage.. the feedback from the book launch fuelled this.. so “mark my words” was born.. charity based and collaborations galore..

It’s at Mossley AFC. Semi pro team function suite.. with partnerships formed again with wetlemonproductions and now Time2talk.. tickets are via skiddle but we are looking at other alternative avenues to make it more accessible. Maybe just scrapping inbox me with cash and I’ll add you to the list kind of thing.. old skool…

Anyway here are the rapscallions who are joining me.. poets Loll, Tonka Bell, Karl Hildebrandt, ushiku crisafulli, esther Koch, krist azgadad, Amy Harris, Jonny Lindsey, kels poetry, billy Morrissey.

Stripped music – San Pedro collective, Paige Dease, David O’Keefe, Tommy &Jaime, jay page. And a set from Patrick T Davies…

I’m buzzin it’s going to be ace..

There’s even a camp site down the road…

So.. there’s alot more going on like a great rebels chat last night which is on you tube.. but I’ll update more on that later.. this is about

Mark my words…….

More mouth offs

It’s men’s mental health week soon.. and I’m doing this gig above as part of it.. I’ve also got other stuff planned too..

A chat with rebels and rule breakers Emma’s Shaw… I like her page and mission and she’s a great supporter of my journey. Mutual respect…

And also.. what will be a constant topic of the next two months is the spoken word / stripped back music all dayer I’m part of organising.. 10 performance poets and 5 live acts.. all for Time2talk hub.

Mark my words takes place on sun 8 the August at Mossley AFC. Tickets via skiddle.. but a facility to get physical tickets will come soon.. drop me a message if this avenue suites!!..

And lastly… Come find me for gigs.. I live a good natter.. here’s a couple of other things I’ve been busy with.. and a pic of the beer garden for August gig!!

Mark my words

So after the successful two night book launch, the collaborative forces took hold.. people talked, shared contacts and expressed an interested in more of the same stuff… It’s good for collaboration not competition!!!

So the first thing to happen again evolving me is a day of word and music at seel park function bar, Mossley AFC. The club are right behind mental health. With that in mind they have offered a space to promote a charity event in aid of great pals at Time2talk. With the help again of wetlemon productions.

So ‘mark my words’ has formed. A tale of two halves… Pardon the footy puns. 10 spoken worders and 5 stripped back musicians all conspiring to raise awareness and cash… All to be announced soon

Please check it out. Here are a couple of links… Facebook event and ticket sales… I’ve dropped the poster in too.

Down time

Hey… We all need it.. I have a to do list as long as my arm but new ideas keep popping in my head and won’t go away.. so I start planning..

I’m doing an email tennis day and literally emptying my head!!.. I’ll crack on tomorrow!!…but I am also learning poem 36 in my head .. it’s about gossip on the bus to Oldham…

New stuff is on the pipeline.. something murmuring around collaborations.. look out for a gig announcement and ticket link!.. Sunday 8tj August.. pencil in the diary and wait for skiddle link to drop!!

After the book launch weekend and week of calming down. I did an online stream gig for Glossop book festival last night.. talking about my book and some performance. Here’s the link…

This week I’m talking to “dreaming is free”on insta at 8pm Wednesday. Followed by a rebels and rule breakers zoom on Monday 14th. Which I think will be on Facebook.

If you missed my listen up DJ podcast interview talking 3 beltin tracks.. heres the link…

So.. the books still for sale from me or come say hello if you want a copy and please spread this and book info far and wide.. nice one.. ta!!

Land with a thud

Finally back on Terra Firma after a mad weekend. Two day book launch.. plotting and planning musicians and Poets and revving myself up for two screenings of the installation and book set.. last bed it!!..

The weekend has done what it’s intentions were.. get folk talking, raise awareness of the book, and get folk collaborating.. which seems to be happening.

The artists all pulled it out the bag which made by task alot easier… All details are on social media.. but Karl Hildebrandt Esther Koch and Ben Corry on Saturday all raised the roof as did Jaime and Tom Murphy, ushiku crisafulli, Tonka bell and Loll on Sunday..

Thanks to wet lemon productions at old bank studios Mossley for providing the space and production gear.. more to come there.. put the gaf on the map!!!

I’m having a quiet week, regrouping, talking about future ideas and responding to some great gig opportunities…

So this weekend no have literally “talked myself out of trouble”

Catch up with gig and charity news soon.. here’s some belting photos ta to all who took some Helen millington, Al bishop, Georgina Robinson, luke Stanley, David festherstone,