The steps forward…

This aspect of my work was inspired by connections made in the Mental Health community of peer groups, and Charities of both Veterans and Mental Health groups. I wanted to give something back after spending about two years concentrating on my own mental health recovery. Creative writing and performance have been a key to my recovery and will continue to be so for the future.

Here is a no particular order list of groups and charities I have or are currently working with:

  • Pathlight thrive Hive – I have conducted an online live interview with organiser Paul raising awareness and discussing my journey. I have also performed at an online festival for Pathlight in aid of Mind.
  • Mangang – a peer group based in south England that I was introduced to. I have attended numerous online zoom meetings and shared my own experiences of mental health and journey through spoken word. I have also been the first guest on the “Man gang – My Way” zoom interview about my mental health recovery journey.
  • Healthier Heroes – located in Burnley and doing great work with ex veterans I have provided zoom meetings with residents around my creative path and how it has helped my mental health recovery and I’ve provided examples of my work to inspire others.
  • Walking with the wounded – I was asked to share my story onto their social media with a hope to inspire other ex-veterans to deal with PTSD symptoms and consider creativity as a source of wellbeing and recovery. This received great comments and feedback.
  • Veterans Foundation – I have shared my story with the organisation on their social media platforms with a view to raising awareness of my journey and how creativity can help with mental health recovery, in particular my journey with PTSD.
  • – I have written a short story article on my background, career and how I have been affected by PTSD. I described my creativity and how it has helped with anxiety and PTSD recovery. The story was distributed on their 8000-email list and received great feedback from recipients.
  • Talk about it mate – I have distributed a story on their social media with a hope to reaching out to men who may not be talking about their mental health situation. Hoping to inspire them that its good to share their problems and use creativity in the process.
  • The Lucy Rainer foundation – I have been invited to write a story on my journey for a book the foundation is publishing. This included my background, joining the army, toxic behaviour and recovery post breakdown. Where I wrote about my journey as Leon the spoken wordsmith.
  • Time 2 Talk mental health – I conducted a podcast around my journey and how creativity has helped me recover and talk about my mental health. Hoping to reduce stigma and engage in dialogue. Performance verse included. I have since become an ambassador and currently working on other projects with the organisation. As well as curating and performing at a day festival in aid of the organisation.
  • Manchester veterans group – A zoom performance and talk of PTSD and mental health  recovery journey arranged through a veterans cooperative of various veteran groups.
  • Emmaus – helping the homeless help themselves. I have performed verse at the organisation premises as part of Mossley soup, and visit regular at the local premises. Some of the proceeds from my book “talking myself out of trouble” is donated to Mossley Emmaus.
  • Bury involvement group (BIG) in mental health- After a well received input on my journey from soldier to spoken word to service users with some performance poetry included it looks promising for future returns and collaborations. A great organisation with a wealth of experience both personal and academical.
  • Phantasmagoria – Ashton under lyne creative drop in centre and magical store. Working with service users to develop creative writing and utilise the skills in helping with mental health maintenance.
  • Yellow and Blue Wrexham -I have had the pleasure of visiting and meeting the folk at the organisation, sharing my story and performing my material around mental health.

I do have other charities and groups that I am currently talking to, as to the material and in what form that is will be added one it becomes public, And I will add it to my proud list of partnerships. Further to this, Leon has and will continue to perform at events that raise money for mental health, veteran and homeless charities.

Thank you and please get in touch if you would like to join my list!!

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