Mixed emotions

It’s been a weekend of polar emotions..

It started with a good friend passing away after a three month fight post heart attack.. Colin Radcliffe gave his all to mental health awareness and recovery bringing numerous groups together to take on the stigma around the subject with his project DePresson. I now think it’s up to people like myself to carry his torch..

On the other side I’ve been working with another mate Steve Reilly on my book “talking myself out of trouble”.. before I self publish.. He’s taken an average idea and format and turned it into something I couldn’t dream of.. I’m priveleged to have people like him and artist Phil Wagstaff in my circle and help me create this idea of a book with a selection of words and influenced art.. I’m hoping to have a first edition ready by mid April.. so I’ll be taking orders soon..

As a side project I’m arranging a couple of book launches/performance with The Gillery in Mossley.. so eyes open and ears to the ground on that..

I’ve got a Mangang interview this week and no doubt a submission to rebels and rule breakers which has somehow become a weekly residency with a poem contribution..

To finish I’d like to say .. why think outside the box.. why not put windows in the box so you can see out and others can see in…. Quote by Colin Radcliffe 2019. X

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