Down time

Hey… We all need it.. I have a to do list as long as my arm but new ideas keep popping in my head and won’t go away.. so I start planning..

I’m doing an email tennis day and literally emptying my head!!.. I’ll crack on tomorrow!!…but I am also learning poem 36 in my head .. it’s about gossip on the bus to Oldham…

New stuff is on the pipeline.. something murmuring around collaborations.. look out for a gig announcement and ticket link!.. Sunday 8tj August.. pencil in the diary and wait for skiddle link to drop!!

After the book launch weekend and week of calming down. I did an online stream gig for Glossop book festival last night.. talking about my book and some performance. Here’s the link…

This week I’m talking to “dreaming is free”on insta at 8pm Wednesday. Followed by a rebels and rule breakers zoom on Monday 14th. Which I think will be on Facebook.

If you missed my listen up DJ podcast interview talking 3 beltin tracks.. heres the link…

So.. the books still for sale from me or come say hello if you want a copy and please spread this and book info far and wide.. nice one.. ta!!

2 thoughts on “Down time

  1. Loving it all Jack, so much happening in such a small period of time ! Rock da fuck out of it mate . Andy Scas

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