Shaping up..

I’m planning an all day word and stripped back music day out.. incase it’s not on your radar yet.. 10 spoken worders, 5 stripped back music sets.. well 6 now as we plan to put stuff on in the beer garden.. it’s bordering on being a festival..

The book launch appears to have created a beast in me.. bringing together great worders and musicians to the same stage.. the feedback from the book launch fuelled this.. so “mark my words” was born.. charity based and collaborations galore..

It’s at Mossley AFC. Semi pro team function suite.. with partnerships formed again with wetlemonproductions and now Time2talk.. tickets are via skiddle but we are looking at other alternative avenues to make it more accessible. Maybe just scrapping inbox me with cash and I’ll add you to the list kind of thing.. old skool…

Anyway here are the rapscallions who are joining me.. poets Loll, Tonka Bell, Karl Hildebrandt, ushiku crisafulli, esther Koch, krist azgadad, Amy Harris, Jonny Lindsey, kels poetry, billy Morrissey.

Stripped music – San Pedro collective, Paige Dease, David O’Keefe, Tommy &Jaime, jay page. And a set from Patrick T Davies…

I’m buzzin it’s going to be ace..

There’s even a camp site down the road…

So.. there’s alot more going on like a great rebels chat last night which is on you tube.. but I’ll update more on that later.. this is about

Mark my words…….

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