Hammer time

A day to stop….. Weekend was busy.. gig with San Pedro collective in Stockport on Friday and “Sayin” event in Trafford yesterday… Talk about talent.. it’s an event for the A game.. can’t fall short.. the folk nattering are immense… Met some new creatives yesterday and some old faces too… Still buzzin it’s a great vibe..

Today I stopped… And gave Emmaus some cash.. proceeds from the sale of “talking myself out of trouble”… photo and info to follow.. but it’s great to give back ..

This week is nuts… 6 gigs in 7 days… Midweek I’m in Wales… for Two Charity events.. lexifest in Rhyl and at yellow and blue wrexham..

The bank holiday is packed..

Fri – after all gig at Gulliver’s MCR… Sat – miners fest in Moston… Sun- indigo bravo in Stockport.. and Mon – glaston -Bury…

Then I’m cooling off… A bit… But there is a few shenanigans in the pipeline.. Haha…

Anyway here’s the weekend in pics.. Helen millington doing her magic again..

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