Random events

A couple of impromptu acts turned a great week into something very exciting..

On Wednesday after last blog I visited a n ex army pal in Newcastle for some down time. A keen supporter of my journey he discovered an open mic and mini slam (Born lippy). A last minute entry resulted in a win and award of a guest slot.. I did give it to the runner up!!.. it’s a crackin event and welcoming with some top talent in comedy, spoken word and hip hop..

Then came a pals book launch on Friday, more a celebration of an academic masterpiece by Jason Roche. joining myself was top lads Deja Vega and new lads Corvus and the morning star.. brilliant night which still has me buzzin after doing an unrehearsed collaboration Track With Deja Vega.. the videos are out there!!.

This week is steady.. ish.. first up an interview release with renowned Yorkshire poet Tahira Rehman on 20th.

Then a biggy.. Friday 22nd I am performing before Peter Hook at Macclesfield in October Fest.. also on same day bill is yellow brain . San Pedro collective and Queen cult… It will be mega!!.. buzzin for this..

Squeezing in some Dirt rehearsals will keep me out of trouble..

So here’s some images from last Friday and what’s coming up this week..

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