Wiccan transition

Since the last natter, my energies have been with phantasmagoria, the travel emporium and a dark faery festival. Needless to say I have spent a large portion of my week in a parallel universe or two.

With phantasmagoria I was creative writing with the young minds of tameside. Talking teddy wockys and magical journeys. Some great stories created…

At the weekend I had the honour of attending the dark faery festival in Shropshire countryside. I met some cracking folk and was made so welcome by orcs, knights, story tellers, fairies, wizards, witches and other elements of the creative underworld. Rumour has it you may see me in Llangollen at the big festival next summer!!

Squeezing between these two I still got to share some verse at Mossley soup at Emmaus.. and crank the amp up in a studio to practice The Dirt material… ta to pals Cabbage (band) for the room!!crackin week!!

This week is a little more relaxed.. ish.. a photo shoot offer in Manchester with a talented photographer. A gig in Blackpool on 4th at Bootleg social and a gig on 7th at dulcimer Chorlton doing word with an art group.. no doubt Dirt rehearsals and getting ready for our maiden gig!

So.. here’s a few pics of what’s gone on and what is happening.. also look out for my interview and performance with pal Nathan Parker at The Yard MCR..

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