Getting Dirty

This week marks the first live gig for The Dirt.. sachiko, my wife and me take to the stage to combine my spoken word with her brilliant guitar loops effects and distortion.. we support Italian psych band New Candy’s who are firm faves of ours.. thanks in advance to happy daze in advance for giving us the opportunity.

In leon world I got stuck into Northwich on Sunday. An Arts fest at the reindeer Iodge. I got to join pagans soh, hazels maze and Damian Luke.. Then onto the salty dog to watch deja Vega and get involved in their opening track. A jam we had done once before in Stockport!! Buzzin

Last week was mostly book 2 prep but I did get to do a set at the amazing long story short. A great event of words!! This time at Grub .. and met ace photographer Dave Gleave who got his camera out again..

Yesterday I was at turning point doing a talk with addicts.. my second one now and I will be back next year.. live the work going on there!!

So this week it’s the Dirt… And on Sunday it’s the Xmas gig for after all fest… Next week its mouth at rose and monkey and a support slot with jade assembly.. top 10 days ahead… So here’s the posters and stuff.

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