Cloud nine to ground control!!..

So where to start.. the last ten days have been a ride in it’s self

Gigs for the Dirt in london for otherside in shoreditch, followed by Manchester at astral Daze 1 and then onto shiiine on festival for a slot that blew us away with the response received…

Leon also has air in his legs after introducing EMF at Shiiine on in front of a few thousand folk.. and doing a full solo set to a packed seated auditorium..

Coming up the Dirt have two gigs left this year.. Manchester and Leeds.

Leon has one book gig in accrington left as well as salford ladsclub.. a charity gig in chester and a slot in liverpool.

Then its time to kick back for two months… whilst we ponder new moves for 2023 we have an album on vinyl and CD to launch in April .. and a few gigs to announce.. So, things are looking quite tasty for next year!!…

It will soon be time to reflect on a mental year.. but until then there are gigs to do.. t shirts to flog and books to sell… both dont believe the hype .. and the kids book teddywocky tales.. the first book is sold out unless on line but will be back in stock next year!!..

So.. back to business this friday.. so heres picks and gig posters

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