A buzzin bard

First up….. Two pieces of verse are selected for a horror anthology… More to come when its publicly promoted.. but I’m chuffed…. And the stories are real.,. Mental health awareness isn’t a walk in a daisy field….

Second, I had a proper good natter to some lads at Healthier Heroes in Burnley this week.. The work there is amazing… And the lads I spoke with are finding their own creative paths…. “Talking myself out of trouble” continues….

Next up T shirt sales… I’m loving it that people are buying them and modelling them for me on media platforms.. from poets, to postman, to gutter punksters, who’s next????….. Remember they’re DIY, economical no middle logo and it’s spreading the dirt…. LPF…

Lastly …..The book is bubbling.. the artworks close. it’s coming… next gig – sun 28th Feb lockdown live lounge on Facebook…..

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