Busy times

https://fb.me/e/2Yk13cXOu This Facebook event is on tomorrow.. I’m on 1745-1810.. live set.. getting sunday shouty!!!.. click on the event!!.. Date for the diary – Saturday 13 March. 2-4pm.. North Manchester FM Hannah’s bookshelf.. talking all things Leon and my 3 post apocalyptic books… a couple of verse chucked in too.. More T shirt printing andContinue reading “Busy times”

A buzzin bard

First up….. Two pieces of verse are selected for a horror anthology… More to come when its publicly promoted.. but I’m chuffed…. And the stories are real.,. Mental health awareness isn’t a walk in a daisy field…. Second, I had a proper good natter to some lads at Healthier Heroes in Burnley this week.. TheContinue reading “A buzzin bard”

A week in the pig pen

A buzzin week mixing it up, and taking the Leon journey down new avenues.. I’ve done a couple of audio recordings for radio and visual for an up and coming fest. I’ve also submitted some written verse for publications.. There’s been a collaborative suggestion, and I’ve been on line to a weekly meet with someContinue reading “A week in the pig pen”