Book and bookings

Nice to see gig bookings and chatter in the air.. it’s been a long time.. let’s hope this lot of postponed announcements are the last..

I’ve got a few bubbling now so I am really chuffed people still remember me and what I can provide… Soon as they are confirmed I’ll be proudly chucking the posters up…

Lockdown has given me an opportunity to write more. Diversify my writing and subject matter.. and to rehearse and learn new material.. as such there’s 35 swarming around my mind now.. no book.. no phone.. just me…

Lastly.. the book… My artwork is almost there.. I’ve increased the verse from 21 to 25 and decided to put a lyric section in.. more bang for ya book as they say.. it will be available in May…

So here is just one page of artwork a good friend has done around my verse… A taster shall we say!!

Wetting appetites

So… Ear to the ground and eyes peeled.. catch up soon…

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