Times a healer

Hello… It’s two years almost to the hour.. that I had my longest, worst and life defining episode of disassociation… Which I now know was due to PTSD… My life turned upside down, rattled and shook to its core.. but.. I was told everything happens for a reason…

I thought people say that to make you feel better… but it was true…. There’s is now a clear view of the path leading up to the incident… symptoms, lifestyle, attitude I can go one.. but I ignored them all.. I had to hit my rock bottom..

What followed was a gaping chasm where all my emotions and feelings that I had stored away in tight sealed boxes came bursting to the surface.. this was my lava overflowing.. ready to destroy. I needed help..

This is where my journey started…. 2 years today.. im not feeling guilty, embarrassed, or upset… I’m happy, optimistic, and proud… I’m still on this journey and if you want to join me I’ll colour in the pieces of my past…

This week I have two interviews with mental health charities about “talking myself out of trouble” and my creative path.. A two hour radio session with hannahs bookshelf on Saturday and a live zoom gig with combined Manchester veterans groups…

I’ve taken bookings for future spoken word gigs and my book will definitely be landing in May… The artwork I’ve got is astounding….

So there we have it… It did happen for a reason…. Find that creative path… And keep walking…

This Saturday..
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