Going my own way

And not a lonely day to be had!!. Bit of Fleetwood Mac reference for ya!!.. Bits and pieces keeping me busy.. helping pals get their business opening on track.. labour for a lunch!!.. proper cooperative..

More writing and rehearsing.. getting ready for the big reopening. New material flows in these bizzare times. first public spouting planned for “Sayin” in Manchester on 27th April.. not done their events yet so buzzin..

Been out connecting with Paul at Pathlight thrive hive.. planning a few walks and talks with him and anyone else that wants to escape the house around saddleworth. Check his Facebook page for planned treks..

Received news of another published bit of work coming out soon via worktown.. theme was masks… Of which I have worn a few… “Talkinmyself out of trouble” – No new info on my own book as still waiting for the test copy.. like a cat on a hot tin roof I’m dying to get it out there!!!

I’m still a self appointed resident poet on the rebels and rule breakers Facebook page.. I seem to have fallen into a weekly one piece performance.. go check it out.. great work going on there..

I’m now emailing.. messaging.. pestering… And crawling all over organisations, groups, radio, media sites and anyone who can spread the word of my pending book launch and sale.. so on that note please pass on to mates and people you may know.. “Talking myself out of trouble” is coming!!

So on that note.. T shirts are still for sale and summer is coming!!oh.. and here’s a picture of pies I received as payment for work.. it’s all about the back scratching!!!

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