Mamucium calling

The old Roman name for the castlfield fort.. also became mancunium and well we know where it went next… Anyway.. I’ve booked to have the word along with some artwork inked into my body… Nowt like been impulsive!!

On other fronts I’m still waiting on my test book. Lulu says it’s despatched but not sure if by pigeon or pit pony.. the anticipation is unbearable!!!.. I’ve started taking orders on it.. good response too.. thanks to all so far that have shown an interest! I’m also looking at independent outlets to sell the book.. the Gillery in Mossley and vinyl testing place in Affleck palace are on board so far.. buzzin!

I’ve been to Phantasmagoria in Ashton today and planning a few workshop ideas there to get stuck into around creativity.. also Emmaus are on board and aware a portion of book sales will be going to them.. let’s hope it sells!!!..

My pal Steve Reilly who helped considerably with my book and website has come up with an idea. As he is the founder of Spicey O’Reilly’s chilli sauce.. we have discussed a pig farmer branded version.. a tad giddy about that!!!.. more to come there no doubt…

And lastly I’ve been to a new barbers shop. Same talented sorcerer with scissors Inky Steve but his new venture. The butchers chop shop is ace.. check out the new pic in the salon.

And lastly I’m gigging for “sayin” on Tues 27th April. Old abbey tap House, Manchester..

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