Talking myself out of trouble

So… It’s here, the test press of my first and self published book.. And I am buzzin! So happy and it’s the start of a new chapter, pardon the pun.

It’s took a while from the seed planted last year but I’m glad it took the time. The illustrations by my mate Phil Wagstaff are immense. He’s such a talent with his own back story. He has helped create my vision of word and art interpretations in published form.

My pal Steve Reilly has been so helpful and took the raw form idea and turned it into the vibrant and punchy product that it now is.. His digital wizardry has been priceless.

Others have helped and are mentioned in the book. My next thank you I hope is to You!!.. I would love it if people backed this project and purchased a copy..

The focus is and always will be helping and inspiring others. A portion of the cost goes to Emmaus Mossley, who are part of a national charity organisation who help the homeless. So please check out what they do.

So, this is me “Talking myself out of trouble”… And introducing a book of 30 verse from soldier to spoken word via a mental health recovery journey to the world. Please share!

Book launch

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