Watching the washing machine

Waiting for your first batch of self published books to land is like waiting for the click and washing machine door light to go off… But FedEx say they are now on their way!!..

People who have bought … Standby…

In other news, I have a nice article in Vibe which I have attached. Other media seem to be interested so hopefully the book will spread far and wide. Saying that copies have been ordered in Japan, Australia and Canada so we are reaching the far corners of the planet.

Local Poet Publishes Book About Mental Health and PTSD Recovery

I’ve also posted a soft book launch event local to me at The Gillery, Mossley. 29/30th May. Each day a musician friend and a couple of brilliant wordsmiths will be joining me. It is free, but book a table via the venue as space will be limited as we are still in mid covid restrictions.

I have also just stared planning workshops with Phantasmagoria in Ashton.. first two day event is in May and then we are talking about doing other projects with under priveleged members of the community.. exciting stuff…

Anyway I’m going to go sit at my front door. It’s sunny so what could go wrong. I’ve got new material to write up and emails to send to harass people to promote the book..

Have a nice weekend and happy day of St George for those inclined to celebrate!

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