Pig farmer turns to beef

I am over the moon and this little dog is happy and laughing!!

I cannot began to describe the reactions from the book release. I am astounded at the interest it has received. So thank you to all!!…

It’s been great to get out and drop books off at doors and say a long awaited hello To a few folk too.. the big batch posted are on their way too, so expect a delivery soon…

Last night was a first live gig, at the old abbey tap house in Hulme. Sayin event for the full pink moon, what a show they put on.. chuffed and buzzin to get back out live.. and I hardly fluffed my lines!!..

A few gig approaches are now coming in, so as they drop I will post. Also when the dust settles I will be sorting a PayPal link on website. But at the moment it’s buy from me via usual social media for book or owt else..

I’m a one man band so it’s a job at a time.. haha! Books posted and delivered is still top. Next gig so far is soft book launch.. details below.. remember book a table via The Gillery website as it’s still in part covid restrictions!!


Thank you again for those book purchase’s let’s keep the momentum and share it about please.. reviews and feedback posted on my socials too.. they all help..

By for now…

The courier

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