What’s the story….

It’s here…. Book launch weekend. There are 200 books currently in circulation bought, ordered and in stores. I cannot explain how proud and buzzin I am. So thank you to everyone that has a copy in their previous Mitt’s.

So.. at the business end. Emmaus Mossley are now stocking books. So is Vinyl resting place in Affleck palace (3rd floor). Manchester, a Great record shop!!..

Tonight (Saturday)is the first night of two full on live gigs around the book. Where I will have mates joining me to celebrate its launch and even it’s existence!!!. There are some great musicians and poets sharing their material. So if you can’t come please check the streams out or catch up with it later. Last few seats available as it’s free entry private event at Old Bank studios with wet lemon productions. 6-10pm live stream starts 7pm. Seats booking is wetlemonproductions@gmail.com here’s your links –


Gig confirmations have dropped in with promo art work so keep an eye out for two cracking announcements.. charity work continues as does other Talking myself out of trouble workshop ideas.

Lastly books are available through me or lulu.com.

Time to get busy…

Top photos courtesy of Luke Stanley.

2 thoughts on “What’s the story….

  1. Just seen u on tiktok, im rickp, u sed hit u on here, interested in your stuff, im not social media savvy so apologies if this is the wrong place

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    1. Hi.. how you keeping just replied on tik tok.. any place is cool with me for messages… I’m new to that site.. don’t do much there really. just post some material..
      Thanks for the interest too.. Lulu that I mentioned is the book store site.. which is on my merch page like the email link for me to take any orders..
      One man band poet!!.. hahs.
      Ta leon

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