Countdown commences

3 days to the first book launch gigs. And they are in my adopted home town – Mossley. And for those unable to join us at the intimate gathering we will be streaming the shenanigans!!!!

I’ve got to together a few creative pals to join me in celebrating the books arrival. Which is already in the safe hands of about 200 folk.. please let’s keep this figure rising. For many reasons. Raising awareness of mental health and giving some cash to charity (Emmaus), if not to boost my verse!!!.. haha

So… On Saturday I have with me the ace line up of Ben Corry on guitar, and chatting Karl Hildebrandt and Esther Koch.

On Sunday I have the brilliant line up of Tom Murphy and guest on guitar and Ushuki crisafulli and Sharon twozedz nattering with me

Both events are 6-10 pm at old bank studios near the train station (above the Gillery) and will be streamed live. Links and info here –

Seats can be booked by contacting

So please join me glass in HAND… Fill the SPACE… And show your FACE in these halfway reduced covid guidelines…

More info to drop soon on gigs, charity stuff and collaborations.

Meanwhile the book is available via me on any message social media or via

Catch up soon

One thought on “Countdown commences

  1. You got this 💪 We have all faith in you no doubt at all you will be a brilliant hit x we will be there
    Wouldn’t miss this for the world…,what do you say Jen Graham Stephen Graham not to late new order of books arrived if you are interested in owning one please give me a message
    Me for a copy . Jack Horner so so proud of what you have achieved not
    Just for yourself. Also support you have given in the community and reaching out for PTSD Sufferers . I am sure you will be amazing
    Everything happens for a reason “

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