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Just an extra blog.. but it contains others words not mine.. so chuffed to receive a testimony like this from Bury involvement group (BIG) mental health support in Bury..

TestimonialJack provided a zoom session on 20th July for our mental health charity, Bury Involvement Group (BIG) in Mental Health. The session, entitled: ” Talking myself out of trouble”, was such an inspirational account of Jack’s personal story, followed by Jack reciting some of his extremely powerful poetry. The whole session was absolutely riveting; Jack captured the attention of every person who attended, leaving us all wanting more! 

We are very grateful to Jack for the session, he demonstrated his incredible talent and moreover, he showed how painful, traumatic experiences can be used to good effect to help others by giving a strong message of hope through sharing his story. Jack showed how the written and spoken word can be cathartic for our mental health, enabling healing in the continuous journey of recovery throughout life. He showed how it is possible to turn your life around through making changes and how resilience can be strengthened. 
We applaud you Jack, you exude positivity and are a true inspiration. We can’t wait to see you again!
Here are just a few words which come to mind about Jack, his story and poetry:Open
Powerful Inspirational Real Honest Talented Creative Articulate Motivational Enthusiastic Resilient Humbling Sincere Genuine.

           catch up soon.. I’m of to sheff!!..                      

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