Thick and fast!!

That’s the gig bookings..

August is going to be busy… And although I was taking September off to visit family in Japan it’s looking very doubtful… I’ve resigned to staying in UK

So.. I’m taking bookings!… A few are in the diary.. but I’ll happily take more.. we are up to 37 verse off book and aim to make 40 by end of August.. let’s see how that pans out.. haha

In other news.. I have a new ethical and organic cotton T shirt on offer.. same design.. better feeling..

The book is still for sale.. anyone without .. please drop me a message on here or socials.. I have spares… Cheaper than on line too…

Next week see three gigs in the pipeline…

5th – long story short at 7 brothers MCR.

7th Railway inn Greenfield – supporting Stepford wives

8th – mark my words all dayer at Mossley AFC for Time2talk mental health hub..

Last week was buzzin.. 3 ace gigs.. RGM at Tramlines Fringe.. SM productions at MCR peerhat and San Pedro garden party..

More to come.. standby.. and thanks to all who show faith in me and let me shake my tail feather..

Anyway here’s pics by the brill hels manc / helenmillington

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