Network gain

Less gigs more networks.. some great chat going on about gigs, talks, and connection this week.. hopefully some will come to fruition soon..

Long story short was great last week and met some great folk from “turning point”. Enjoyed the addiction and mental health themed event.. Simone has got a great event going on. And feel good club is an ace venue..

On Sunday I got to perform with some great bands.. nervous twitch.. Bull.. Helicon to name a few.. Berlin arts lab put in a great event in factory music rooms Barnsley..

Lots of emails, phone calls and messages this week.. along with getting a set together with the wife so “The Dirt” can transfer from a bandcamp project to a live set… Exciting stuff… Keep an eye out for a CD release too… Haha

This Saturday will see a trip to the amazing Snug in Atherton to support the brilliant Jonny Brown (twisted Wheel)… in a sold out gig.. and I’m quiz master at rose and monkey sun 12th.. expect interspersed verse!!

In other news.. there’s more events published which are on all social platforms.. And the book is still for sale..

So here’s a gallery of stuff!! And some up and coming out of town treats!!

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