The wheel isn’t twisted

The journey continues…. The wheel isn’t broken… No limping.. just cruising along a highway of creativity.. meeting lovely folk on the way…

The last few days have been ace.. firstly I’ve spent alot of it in the basement.. with my wife!!.. in 2019 we joined forces and created some music as The Dirt.. put two EPs on Bandcamp and envisaged taking it live.. covid scuppered plans..

As sachiko now lives here and restrictions are lifted we thought lets kick the ball.. get it rolling.. also nudged by golden believers reco26 rds who invited us to put a hard copy EP out there.. so the result is we want to show off the material in its life form.. so stand by.. links to bandcamp are on the links page of website.

The gig business continues.. supporting Johnny brown at the snug Atherton was brilliant.. a great night… Top fella and on form!!.. so thanks to all involved there!! I also returned to mash guru last night for artistic echoes from the mic stand last night. Great fun..

Next up is end of month where a busy week is planned..

24- lock 91 for punk in Drublic

25 – deco records at Grafton

26- brew chimp Stretford

I’ve got a few charity things bubbling around these and as they happen I’ll celebrate the connection made!!.. so here’s a few pics of shenanigans done and coming…

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