Road trip..

Last blog seems ages ago.. lyne ta gone on including a week long road trip to the south coast and back via a few friend stops..

Gigs at lock 91 for punk in Drublic, Freshers all dayer for deco records and the Sunday showdown at Stretford brew chimp seem a lifetime away..

Since then I’ve dropped the musical genius half of The Dirt project off at Heathrow. Sachiko is in Japan and returning mid October.. rehearsing starts full on then.. we have an EP to promote and release then get ready for live gigs in 2022..

So.. this last week flying solo has still been fun.. I visited the south coast l, received refreshing news from an old army pal and got to share some verse and chat at Mangangs Wednesday meet up in Southampton.. I also while nearby hooked up and watched the brilliant Blinders!!

I then went to Bristol met a couple of mates and got to perform at Ebeneezer gate pocket park. A great community creative space on north st.. which is an area I love.. networks done and potentially new gigs there to follow.. I also got to catch up with York pals Bull who performed at the Louisiana..

A calm night pit stop in Shrewsbury followed where I saw miles hunt and Ian prowse do their cracking acoustic sets!!

A North Wales stop didn’t go to schedule but a return is planned… a random stop in Manchester for an astral elevator gig where new mates were found.. when doors close others do open…

Then for the last night I went to Liverpool.. an open mic at the cavern run by Ian prowse.. yes i did natter to him in Shrewsbury!! Great night l, and I’ve been invited back…

So.. there it goes.. a crackin trip. Gigs as punter and performance. Me and the cat had a tip time in the camper.. so any promoters come find us.. me or The Dirt.

Next gig is Wednesday at the peerhat Manchester for astral elevator..

Anyway here’s a few pics..

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