Talking Dirty

So.. I’m going to be talking all things The Dirt. A resurrection of a plan my now wife and I had as we we entered the first lockdown.. fuzzy, noisy and edgy guitar effects and loops layered with my spoken word.. we did put two self produced EPs a n bandcamp as experimental stuff of what we wanted to create..

Now she has moved to UK from Japan and we have the capability to progress we have started rehearsing and ate looking bat taking The Dirt live towards the end of 2021. This will coincide with a hard copy EP released with golden believers records – GBR.

A six track set is planned like the EP and it’s sounding great.. sachiko works a pedal board to full effect!!..

So anyone reading this. Please pass onto promoter and venue folk.. two gigs are in agreement so far and we hope to spread the sound further!!.. stand by for further info..

Meanwhile I continue with Leon action.. tonight I am with Sayin at the old abbey tap House.. MCR.

The weekend is busy – Fri 24 at Lock 91 for punk in Drublic… Sat 25 at Grafton arms with Deco records… Sun 26 at brew chimp Stretford…

Anyway.. here’s a few Dirt pics attached.. come check us out on bandcamp.. maybe buy a track or more..

The Dirt

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