Weekender !!!

Totally flowered up after a weekend at Shiine on festival. Delving back into the nineties.. lively to meet the annual festival folk.. and nice for strangers to come up and ask if Leon is doing any performance… That’s nice but alas I wasn’t.. make next year if they will have me!!.. MC.. compere extraordinare…. intro guru.. call it whatever you like.. maybe even the Dirt doing a set.. #start a petition!!!

Anyway I did a gig in London last week which was ace.. lived the Victoria in Dalston.. and they got it.. bang goes the theory spoken word doesn’t mix with psych gigs outside the lights of Manchester. #brokenmould

Next up is four Stella gigs over this weekend, with Gaz Whelan (happy Mondays) EMF, and Matt McManamon (dead 60s). All in the north!!.. I am so buzzin where this path is going.. I have no idea what’s around the corner but the journey is brilliant!!!

Next month the music project kicks off good and proper with a CD release and a gig support to Italian psychers New Candy’s in Manchester.. look out for the Dirt.. we are on bandcamp.. have been for 18 months but we are coming out of the immigration band covid traps!!…

So it’s short and sweet but it’s all busy here.. here’s a few gig posters of what’s happening!!

Bee like

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