Come down

What a mental extra long weekend. JAMC gig on Wednesday as a punter followed by 4 top gigs with Leon… Two with Gaz Whelan (happy Mondays) either side of a belting EMF support slot at the iconic Golden lion in Todmorden.. then topped off last night with an opening slot of Matt McManamon doing his scally folk stuff in Liverpool..

Loved everyone of them and every minute.. now to take the foot off the pedal until Saturday where I do a 30 min afternoon set at thirsty scholar as part of under the bridge.. poster to follow. The doors keep opening so if suitable I will walk through them unphased and excited.. the comments of support and positive vibes keep coming so I will drive on and farm the words…

I’m also back at phantasmagoria tomorrow where I conclude a 6 session creative writing workshop.. this one is about Xmas.. look out for a kid’s book coming!!.. haha

Also on the horizon is stuff by The Dirt. Psych punk with abrasive verse.. EP coming mid December and we go live in two weeks support to Italian legends new Candy’s..

So here’s some imagery of stuff gone on and coming!!

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