Golden belief

We believe, that’s why we took the Dirt project to the next level.. music release in the hard copy form.. firstly thanks to golden believers records for approaching us about a limited edition CD release.. so psycher-billy is now live.. and selling great.. so thanks to the buyers too..

The live side kicks back into action in 2022. We have some decent events announced and a few more to add in the calendar soon.. we’ve also extended the live set with more material..

The book continues to sell at gigs so I’m able to send Emmaus some more cash before the end of the year.. I’m also venturing into Fred verse next year so that will hopefully generate more charity cash!!

Leon will continue but less on a live front. Selective gigs, dirt sets and book 2 planning will take priority..

So.. the blogs will continue but until 2022 have a good Xmas and happy new year…

Here’s the last media for this year..

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