Akimashite omedetou

Happy new year… And yes in japanese too… Last year was about getting back on track and spreading Leon’s words.. not to mention the first book release. I am buzzing n how things went since we came out of lockdown.

It also unexpectedly brought about the first gig for The dirt, a music project with my wife Sachiko. And a release of a limited edition CD with Golden Believers records – psycher-Billy.

There were other music collaborations on singles with a few tracks.. and some airplay.. this year will be no different l. Already one set of vocals put down on a track.. look forward to folk hearing that.

This year I’m hoping I can keep that momentum going and spread the words wider afield!!… Last year Sheffield Liverpool London and Newcastle got a coating of verse . So let’s see where we end up!!..

Looking forward the Dirt having a few gigs in the pipeline.. the first is at the brilliant salty dog Northwich. A fave venue of mine.. opening for radio 6 DJ Mark Radcliffes Une band. A few more after to announce so eyes peeled. The set is building up to a solid 40 mins now so expect a wave of reverb, distortion, loops effects and abrasive verse!!..

So, on a sales pitch.. to have a few CD free to sell.. and a few books of the remaining batch. So if reading or listening is your things drop me a line!!..

Here’s a pic or two..

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