The 51st state

Turning 51 and sharing the stage with mark Radcliffe on your birthday isn’t a bad thing!.. The Dirt travelled to the salty dog in Northwich and opened for Une Mr Radcliffes electronic project. Also in the bill was paddy steer. There’s even a crackin review from louder than war!!..

UNE | Paddy Steer | The Dirt: The Salty Dog, Northwich – live review

On The Dirt front the limited edition CDs flew out so thanks to folk who bought those.. next gig is 4th Feb with Yellow brain at The Snug Atherton. Top venue!!

Leon has been steady.. but preparing book #2.. working title LPF2. Haha.

Next leon gig is support to pals proletariat at rose and monkey next week!!.. then we are into Feb where 5 gigs are planned..

6th – dulcimer Chorlton,.. 12th – Liverpool… 19th – the snug (jade assembly)… 22- Leeds… and 24 – Halifax. Locations out of Manchester tbc. But posters are attached..

I have a couple of charity events too a zoom call with a veterans charity to tell of my journey and recovery and another talk at the Smithfield project with recovery addicts..

For future events and bookings of both Leon or the dirt please drop a message to

So here’s a few pics by top tog hels manc millington and some future gig posters!!..

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