The rising sun

So. I’ve not written in a while, it’s been busy.. on a few fronts. Mostly I’m now in Japan kicking back with wife And other half of The Dirt. All busy travelling on extended routes due to fly zones. But got here and no isolation rules anymore..

A busy week was head leading up to travelling.. I had. Few gigs Inc YANA fest and also a gig with the Dirt.

So YANA .. for Manchester Mind… what a day. I got to perform at the castle to a full crowd which amazed me.. so chuffed and to . loads of bands.. highlights were Sinclair, Springfield elementary and Het Bulldog. All top folk too. Also did N interview with artists echoes which was cool. And do an impromptu intro slot before Sinclair set!

Hip hop chip shop – I also had a headline set at a word night for mind over matter last week to which was ace. Met some great folk too..

The Dirt.. we played the peerhat for abattoir blues gig with blob Halford and death vignettes. Great night. Loved it we put out two new tracks with me on drum loops!.. the set is advancing quickly and loving every minute of it.. more gig news coming there Inc a biggy..

So here’s a few pics… And I’m off to write material and enjoy Japan..

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