Tokyo is an anagram of Kyoto..

I/we (the Dirt) are four weeks into a five week trip of Japan. Meeting family friends and finding new pals and creatives.

I’ve done a ouple of performance sessions while here. Joining Toyama experimental psych duo 13th Vinyl in an hour jam. And performing at bar run in Toyohashi with pal mitsugu and friends for a night of mixed musicians and creatives. Both different and both fun and exciting. I enjoyed sharing a stage with a few very talented musicians.

We now head to Tokyo having stayed on Osaka and Toyama for the majority of our trip.

Landing in UK in mid April we got the ground running. I have 3 gigs planned in April and the Dirt have a Leeds gig too.

20 Leon at mouth rose and monkey

21 Leon at tbc gig in MCR

24 Leon at not a swan song in MCr

30 – the dirt in Leeds at wharf chambers.

Loving it here but also looking forward to gigging.. and launching book 2 back in UK. We are already planning a return here!

Here’s what’s been happening….

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