Feedback.. feedback..

So feedback.. three gigs since I returned from Japan and all have had great responses.. mouth open mic was ace.. up yours mag event at fuel was brilliant.. and my own this is not a swan song was through the roof..

For those who asked… If you read this…. I will do another.. later in the year.. it’s in motion.. in my mind anyway.. SEP/Oct.. I’ve a lot in until then..

Coming up there’s a few things announced and a few more things to chuck in the mix soon..

firstly The Dirt…..Gigs in Leeds (30/04) , Salford (13/05) and Liverpool (18/06) are next in line over the next two months..

Leon has a few things.. MCR (09/05) info to follow on socials… MCR (15/05) – PUF fest.. MCR (16/05) feel good club… MCR (22/05) After all fest..

Few posters to come but I might have some out of towners to chuck in before end of may so eyes peeled..

I’ll also be connecting at turning point this month to do a chat.. All in all busy month… Ta for joining in.. and ta for Andy from many gang for dropping by the pig pen for a natter and catch up..

Photos will follow of stuff but here’s a few from happenings!!..

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