Resistance is fertile

What a week.. or so.. brimming with highlights…

Just got back from Sheffield after an away day leg with pal Damian Luke of the sweet beats. Gig at kommune with some talented folk. Words and acoustic…

Before that I’ve had a week of rehearsing, writing, plotting and meeting folk for new stuff, gigs, and projects. I even got to natter on FM radio last week. Ta to tre Moore for the invite..

Since the last blog I’ve also met Jeremy Corbyn!!. Performing at resistance street in Liverpool.. with nige Clarke (dodgy) Matt McManamon (dead 60s). Pals lucigenic and Mr John mcglones who invited me with his souls of emotion. Top day out

The day before The Dirt played the first gig in 8 weeks. Part time punks in Leeds. Another top day out!.. ya to nervous twitch for that invite!!

This Friday the Dirt kick in again with a slot support to pals the Battery farm.. and another surprise slot pending on 15th may.. keep an eye out for info…

Before all that I am heading to Stockport on Thursday for a slot at open door organised by jay Taylor.. defo looking forward to that..

All in all the pig pen stays busy!. With a juicy announcement or two looming..

Eyes peeled.. ears to the ground .

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