Something else

To start with I performed at Bearded theory festival last weekend.. Sunday.. 1pm.. a 20 min rollercoaster set to a packed tent.. loved it… I’ve been going for years and to get the opportunity to Do a set was ace!!.. ta Gail!

Also this week we did mancunia presents which will be aired soon on you tube.. this month my poets corner guest was Loll Perkin. A top spoken worder.. some other top guests pitched up.. Dave Haslam with Cressa. Trust a fox Sanders.. Steve Lynn and crackin music .

I’ve done a visit to turning point since last posting too and been in collaborative meetings for new projects.. written, verbal and musically.

New gigs coming in for me and as The Dirt who have a steady calender up until we drift off to Japan again… Come get us though.. if the gigs right we will defo come!!

This next week.. I’m at

Stockport – open door tonight.. at the nook

7th. On line meet with Home poets for veterans..

9th Glossop globe for Culain woods night..

11th – neck of the woods festival levenshulme..

So here’s a few pics of stuff happening, happened and recently announce..

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