After all

What a weekend… After a cracking camper van trip catching up with folk and treading in new towns I settled into a weekend of creative connectivity.

Friday – private party at the peerhat. For a great fella Neil winward with great bands.. I even did an impromptu jam with top lads pagans SOH.

Sunday – after all festival for charity. I did a set at the John Hall hippy boogie stage to open with a busy crowd. Then back to introduce pal Damian Luke with the full band sweet beasts.

Caught up with a load of familiar folk and friends and met some new ones!!.

Monday I did a talk at turning point around creativity and mental health recovery. Great feedback and I love going down every couple of months to connect with the great work going on there.

Now kicking back before I head to bearded theory festival… Reflection of great air play recently for The Dirt and me. Top reviews including louder than war. And a new project dropping this summer. Hints in the pics

Few great events on the horizon too.. noteable June events.

2- open door Stockport at snug

9- the globe Glossop

16 – thirsty scholar tonkas book launch

18 – the dirt play Liverpool Acid fest

20- Leeds word gig for vortex

29- Mancunia TV

30- mental health awareness fest chorlton.

So a steady month.. lovely to be asked to these events and great to keep The Dirt sound spreading!.

Please spread the word.. share the blog. Come and shout me up for a slot nattering. Here’s some posters and pics.

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