Out of the woods

Good weekend was had at Neck of the woods festival.. i got to compere and introduce some crackin bands on the main stage. Even jam with pals pagans SOH and suave martyrs. It was the fests first year and the vibe was great…

Last week I also got to Do a set in Glossop at the Globe which is an ace venue too..

Few plates to spin are ongoing and meetings had.. recording studios.. poets for projects.. Book publishing. And of course making demos and talking releases…

The pig pen is busy right now on all levels.. organisation of book launch now it’s officially announced for August.. and follow up events.. and getting creative with The Dirt.

As for the dirt we are performing on Saturday vat acid fest for Liverpool psychedelic society, our only June gig (we do have two in July). And we have now released info on an official bootleg release for 01.07.22. our live gig atbsakry dog in may. Gig for Bryan.

As for Leon.. it’s plug the book.. welcome venues who want me to natter.. I’m at Mouth in MCR tomorrow.. then Leeds at Hyde park book club on Monday for Vortex…week after its mancunia presents TV.

So here’s a few pics and stuff credits already made on socials.. but ta to David Gleave and Nidge Sanders for getting my good side .

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