Long time no natter

It must be a month.. maybe longer but I’ve been spinning plates..

Book preparation, proof reads, edits, launch nights go to print and facilitate media is part of it as well as coordinator of a presale.. but it’s worth it “don’t believe the hype”- ,LPF2. Has landed and I’m chuffed. £13 gets you an art installation. The written word and photography. This price will stand until end of August. Same as last book price!. Available through me, soon by lulu.com

Music, The Dirt have been mad busy making demos as we go in the studio in two weeks. All new tracks ready to let out of the trap in 2023 on vinyl.. maybe live before too.. we gigged this week.. we next go live on 26 Aug at MCR Aatma. With Liverpool psychedelic society.

Leon as the local Manchester media suggests, does not stop! He gets everywhere.. I’ve featured as some great spoken word nights over the last month.. and there’s more to come.. as I drip the new material into sets it’s getting a great response.. a few highlights have been Morcambe fringe, lolls book launch.. mic at the mill, pull up and speak, Northwich rate vitamin fest.. and right to roam. As well as presenting at mancunia TV.

I have had to say no to smaller 5 min open mic set nights as I have a calender that needs breathing space. Instill Dona bi monthly talk/performance for turning point so it’s now about quality not quantity on both sides..

Lots coming up though.. it’s not about kicking back!.. although I’m now going to be off the stage for two weeks I will be hitting the ground running mid August.. so on the next blog.. next week I will spin some dates out…

Until then .. please come join the book journey.. check out socials see where I’m going to be.. I’m off to Ynot this weekend for a fest as a punter to celebrate mates 50th. Here’s some pics…

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