Time to agitate

So.. again.. its been busy as……. here in the pig pen. The new book is being distributed and its online to buy.. or through me!

The first book launch night is tomorrow at the local brewery donkeystone we have great acoustic acts and poets…

I then head to northern green gathering festival to do a set on the campaigns stage before returning for launch night 2 in Manchester.

As well as several book tour nights in many northern towns i still have gigs with The Dirt to attend to.. bank Holiday weekend sees us hit aatma in Manchester (26) and Newcastle Cluny (27).

Whilst on the dirt, we have just finished studio time for a forthcoming album that will be released on vinyl too.. more info to follow….

So the book Don’t believe the hype is out… its different to book 1.. talking myself out of trouble, but keeps the graphic raw edges!!!

So September is down upon us where I have a stack of gigs to celebrate around the book.. more on that in the next natter..

Here’s some pics…

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