3 down lots to go

So. Three book gigs down with lots to go.. a few festivals and designated book gigs to get stuck into before the Dirt and I head back to Japan. (7 week trip .. tour and time out..)

So far. Local launch at donkeystone brewery and Manchester rose and monkey went brilliant. I’ve also added The Grove in Huddersfield to ace places to perform. They now have a great spoken word night called ink spill up and running so that’s worth a check out!

For me September will be a busy month. Several gigs for the book and a dirt gig at float along festival in Sheffield for strange days. Chuffed to be sharing a stage with Steve lamacq there too..

The Dirt have laid all tracks down and we return to meet the producer this week to tweak the tracks ready for release next year. We are working with a great artist for the cover and I’ll ve collaborating with Steve reilly at fluid prepress again on the digital front..

As for gigs.. here’s the batting order

We also did two great gigs with thee lucifer sams and liverpool psychedelic society in Manchester and Newcastle so buzzing of that with more gigs now booked..

04.09 switch blade poetry peerhat mcr top birthday line up..

08.09 – book gig at mash guru Macclesfield with worders and music

12.09 – fab radio session 9pm with GBR our record label and great alternative show.

24.09 the dirt and solo sets at float along festival in Sheffield.

26.08. Feature slot at verbose in Salford at the King’s Arms.

28.08 mancunia TV presents where I will be hosting poets Corner. As always a great guest.. and you music and interviews.

I have had to cancel.the 15.09 gig at retro as I’m now taking a long weekend away with the wife,best half of the Dirt and birthday lass.. I will be back for that event in the future..

As its a month away I’m also at Piccadilly cafe bar in York on 02.10. Afternoon session of word and music.. top line up again too..

Great month ahead and I’ll squeeze in a volunteer session at turning point for mental health chat with the addiction service..

I’ll also be sorting a chat with the debdale hive about using cash I’ll donate from don’t believe the hype.

This book is available through me or at lulu.com. https://www.lulu.com/shop/jack-horner-and-helen-millington-and-steve-reilly/dont-believe-the-hype-14072022/paperback/product-9296jg.html?q=Don%27t+believe+the+hype+&page=1&pageSize=4

Catch up at a gig soon..

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