It’s been a while

It has.. and it’s been very busy.. gigs in September have took me to Huddersfield – Macclesfield- Sheffield (there’s a theme!!!).. and Salford to feature at verbose and Shakespeare North prescott to feature at their scratch event.. and not forgetting poets corner monthly presenting slot at MANCUNIAtv….

The Dirt have also had a gig in Sheffield thanks to strange days at their new float along festival… and we went on a road trip to join mates atva psych all dayer catching bands along the way and back…

Also in Dirt land the album is mixed and mastered and ready to order on vinyl for a 2023 release. The artwork will be signed off soon. So we are excited about thst. We will release a single from the album on 02.12.22 parole///ignorance is bliss is a two track for download and airplay.

We have some top Dirt gigs in October. Barnsley this Saturday with noise aka outsider music.. on 20th we join girls in synthesis at peerhat for DHP. Then we head to karma fest in Nottingham.

For Leon over just done York this weekend and I’ve got Liverpool on Sunday at carnival brewing and northwich the week after new moon art collective.. I’m also doingba talk with company of makers tomorrow on line and its free..

Big news coming soon for Leon for 02.12.22.. somethings bern bubbling which will soon be unleashed.. save the date.. its in the 0161 area!!!..

Here’s a few pics and posters..

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