3 weeks silent

Firstly happy new year… akimashite omedetou gozaimasu from The Dirt band.

Very quiet as ive been in Japan for a few weeks. Experiencing a new style xmas and new year.

Gigs in 2022 were mega got to share the stage with many talented folk. Book tour was ace experience as was diving onto new stages, spreading new verse and getting The Dirt music out there.

Reflected alot this last few weeks, now prepping for a return in 4 weeks. Got some great events planned for music and spoken word. Announcements are starting to drop through on socials.

Still writing.. taking pics and enjoying life. Emailing folk.. waiting for replies.. some dont come.. but thats an artists life i guess.. its not rejection.. just a different direction.. focus on those on board the train.. not those who wait on platforms or who move in the distance.. self awareness is lesson 1 from 2022..

Enjoy the new yesr.. hope it brings happiness.. heres a few pics..

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