Where to start

So.. 8 weeks away.. 7 of them in japan.. now its back to business.. leon gigs, workshops and launch of an album by The Dirt.. we kick off thursday!!!

While in japan i created haiku tourist.. its what it says on the tin.. while touring japan i created haiku on observations made with photography. Very varied and interesting to do.. ill be keeping it up while on my touring.. may even drop a book in the future!!

As for leon for great events in February.. 9th – long story short, mcr feelgood club. 16th – broad st social in Bury. 26th – drop the mic mcr bsnd on wall. And my poets corner slot at mancunia tv

For the Dirt we play outpost in liverpool on 25th February for last stop sounds.

March is looking busy to with a 3 event workshop with company of makers helping ex veterans… leon stuff to announce and a Dirt gig at The Golden lion in Todmorden

Album presale is going well.. both vinyl and CD with band extras have sold out.. general presale continues on bandcamp of golden believers records.

We are still floghing T Shirts via socials and books of lyrics/poetry by leon.

Heres some pics and posters to kick off the regular blod restart!

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