Picking up nicely

So.. having been back from japan for three weeks.. my first aim was reduce salt as blood pressure rocketed – Achieved! Second .. get Leon busy.. achieved.. gigs are coming in nicely too. Featured slots around the north and beyond. Two gigs done so far inc a feature at Bury Broadly Speaking. Next up is Drop the mic in Manchester on Sunday!!..

Theres plenty to go at through spring and im now planning summer before a japan return!!.. next aim The Dirt…

We have been working behind the scenes.. scheduling gigs, rehearsing and plotting media reveals around thevAlbum launch… all going well..

First gig is this saturday in Liverpool then we head next month to the legendary Golden Lion in Todmorden.. after that is the album release and launch night at The Peerhat in Manchester… we are so excited.. lots of tickets sold so we are hoping for a busy night with great bands!!

Haikutourist is busy.. its a new angle for me and allows a new platform and outlet of creativity… lots of insta and twitter posts around this side!!!. On the gigs here is the spring list for Leon words….

Buxton – spring festival

Keighly – spoken word

Leeds – bone down poetry

Mouth – Manchester 

Hull – A way with words

Manchester – drop the mic 

Im March and April i will be dipping my toes, ankles and calves into the wirkshop sphere.. on line with company of makers and in person in nottingham with message in a bottle…

Both books are still for sale via me or Lulu.com (i dont recommend amazon). As is my kids pocket book tedfywocky tales…

Anyone need an gig MC/compere or spoken worder.. come shout me up..

Until my next update.. get creative.. get aware.. get healthy.. x

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