Times a healer

It was a saturday.. just over four years ago.. the 9th March.. i woke up in a police cell…

The night before had been normal all but for a memory loss due to an episode of disassociation… the facts of which i have spoke openely about on numerous podcasts, radio interviews and at my gigs.

Anyway as my mum said “everything happens for a reason “

No one got hurt, my pride and perceived life was severly dented.. But as humans we repair and we crack on..

This was the catalyst and start of my writing journey which then lead to me performing my words.. in leon form and then as The Dirt… my mum was right!!!..

The event is not something to celebrate, but remember… the now is for celebration..

In five weeks the Dirt unleash “Agitator” our first album. Recorded with kevin Foy in his studio and released with GBR. Happy daze will be promoting the launch night on the same day as we share a stage with some cracking bands.

As Leon i continue to gig, plug my two books and travel to some amazing gigs. Continue to write for a new project and meet amazing creatives…

This year i have some amazing events and since coming back from japan i have been busy.. both leon and The Dirt have gigged liverpool. And leon has performed at the iconic boons tea party invited by clint of the inspirals.. featured at events and started veterans poetry workshops..

Over the next month or so i will be at the following…
Feature slots in Hull, Keighley, Nottingham and Mossley!!
A fest in Birmingham and a Mouth slot in Manchester!!

The Dirt also head to todmorden golden lion for a album launch warm up…

There’s a featured leeds date to announce soon for end of March too.

So.. here is a few pics and posters of what is happening over the next month..

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